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Lagoon Sixty 

Step aboard, onto the wide steps of the Lagoon 60! Her inviting aft cockpit instantly reveals its full potential. Life on board has never been so promising.

View of the horizon

Entirely open to the sea, the aft cockpit of the Lagoon 60 affords exceptional freedom of movement.  Its opening terraces provide immediate access for swimming.  Designed to become your favorite living space, the aft cockpit benefits from the safety and ease of access of gently angled steps.

Fluid motion

Accessed by a door forward of the saloon, and with flush flooring, the vast forward cockpit offers a comfortable, inviting space for relaxation.  Upon entering each living space, you are greeted with a panoramic view.  Movement about the catamaran is fluid, without obstacles.

“A vast forward cockpit, flush with the saloon, reinforces the harmony between interior and exterior living spaces.”  – VPLP Design

Life is too short to sit at the dock! Buy your new Lagoon today!

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