XO Crossover EXPLR44

XO Boats unveils its first aluminum adventure yacht, the XO EXPLR 44

Finnish boat manufacturer XO Boats unveils a new surprise model: the adventure yacht XO EXPLR 44. With this aluminum adventurer inspired by superyachts, XO’s mission is to bring the premium material and naval architecture to adventure yachting.

The XO EXPLR 44 is the first adventure yacht launched by XO. Made of 10/5 mm marine aluminum, the yacht can be equipped with 3×450 hp or 2×600 hp motors, reaching up to +50 knots in speed. 

Made of aluminum like the most luxurious superyachts and vessels, this gem of naval architecture has the ultimate performance, durability, and safety for recreational yachting for true ocean explorers. The adventure yacht EXPLR 44 is a highly anticipated and awaited addition to XO’s fleet.

”For a long while, XO Boats has had a number of passionate fans, who appreciate XO’s driving features, safety and high quality. As we have discussed with our customers and listened to their feedback, we saw that there was demand for a yacht-sized craft from XO. With this launch, we aim to meet the needs of more demanding and quality-conscious boaters, who also appreciate the elegance of EXPLR 44” tells Erkki Talvela, CEO of XO Boats.

At the overall length of 44 feet, the XO EXPLR 44 highly benefits from the rigidity of aluminum. Vibrations and shatters of rough seas vanish, and the solid seaworthiness of the adventure yacht can be thoroughly experienced. In the long run, the owners of EXPLR 44 benefit from its durability, resistance to corrosion, repairability and care-free ownership.

Embracing all the benefits of an all-aluminum hull & superstructures and finding new ways to create the ultimate adventure yacht has resulted in a strikingly modern styling —form following function. While classy and elegant, XO EXPLR 44 maintains its safety and high seafaring standards for reaching the edge of the world.

“With the design, we wanted to find ways to maximize the interior space. As result, we created two cabins which are equal in size – so there’s not just one owner cabin, but more like two luxurious suites. We also wanted to give extra stability to the yacht while maintaining the sporty outlook of an XO, which is why we lowered the center cabin.” tells Jaakko Kantola, the Lead Design of XO Boats.

The interior design is inspired by Nordic aesthetics, without forgetting luxurious touches and extra comfort. In the front you’ll enjoy everything you’d expect from an owner cabin of an exploration yacht: a large double bed, shower compartment and good headroom with ample light, space for changing and stylish detailing.

The aft cabin has the option of a comfortable atrium, two single beds or a large double with its own head. Together with the additional bunk in the pilothouse, the EXPLR 44 comfortably accommodates up to 6 people overnight, making it the perfect adventure home on waves.

”We believe that we have created something unique again by placing the second suite under the aft deck. No other yacht in this class seems to have an innovation like this!” continues Kantola.

Providing an inviting shelter or an open-air ambiance, EXPLR 44’s air conditioning and heating ensure the comfort. There is space for solar panels on the roof, along with rails for roof racks to accommodate your bikes and sport gear. Sunbeds in the bow and aft transform into perfect lounging areas, when you want to relax and enjoy a cocktail after exploration.

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