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Jeanneau 60

Wrapped in luxury, architecture and design team, Philippe Briand and Andrew Winch created the New Jeanneau Yachts 60. This yacht asserts itself with a sharp, elegant style, highlighted by a powerful inverted bow, a hull chine, and integrated bowsprit, and a high sheer line. It is truly a jewel to behold!

The Jeanneau Yachts 60 will surprise you. She offers a new look, an unmatched design for a pure, unique sensation of symbiosis with the sea. You will be dazzled by her sleek silhouette and her elegant, sinuous lines, adapted to all sailing and cruising programs.


With innovation, a sophisticated aesthetic and the beauty of sculped surfaces, the Jeanneau Yachts 60 enters a NEW era of design, offering a multitude of configurations to suit every desire.

Harmony /Ingenuity

The angled side deck offers exceptional on-board comfort, without any obstacles. They offer easy movement descending directly from the cockpit. The vast aft bathing platform unveils a garage with a longitudinal tender, which can accommodate a tender nearly 3m long.

Harmonious elements enhance her generous modular interior. The interior gleams with natural light. For the first time, the galley is frontal and positioned at mast bulkhead level to give an ultra spacious saloon, worthy of large yachts, using the widest hull width. The integration of solid woods brings fluid lines and a pleasure of touch that is intensified by the most sough-after fabrics and leathers. You will feel this perfect balance aboard your yacht.

19 Versions of Interior Design

With its 19 versions of interior design, the Jeanneau Yachts 60 offers a semi-custom program never seen on a unit of the Vendéen shipyard!!

Versions of fittings available on the 4 spaces that make up the interior of the boat: front end, front cabins, central square and front kitchen and rear cabins!

The different layouts of the front tip: 3 versions are possible with a sail bay, a skipper cabin or a real 6th cabin.

The various layouts of the front cabins: 2 versions of large front cabin are possible, with a proprietary cabin or a double cabin. And again, an extremely ingenious feature allows, in less than 5 minutes, to transform this double cabin into a real proprietary cabin. The central partition will be hidden in a dedicated storage area, without tools or screws, to enlarge the beds or convert them into sofas.

The various layouts of the central square: it benefits from 3 versions from square to starboard: a version with a sofa attached to a card table or a pullman cabin and a so-called light version that can accommodate 2 chairs chosen by the customer.

The various layouts of the rear cabins: the rear area will be either a proprietary cabin or 2 cabins, one double to accommodate guests and the other for 3 children or another couple of friends.

The Jeanneau Yachts 60 invites you to enjoy the pleasure of peaceful, comfortable cruising with innovative and functional design. Excellence is within easy reach.

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