— Paige, Alex, and Chandelle

Hello Jim,

I wanted to thank you again for working with us and making our experience at Marine Service a successful and good experience. We love our new navigation equipment, and the pod that Dave built is so well done! We have been sharing it with all our neighbors here in Squalicium Harbor and everyone is very impressed with the work! We really appreciate the service that you have.

We also wanted to let you know that we had planned to attend the Rendevous, but several weddings and graduations that weekend have entirely altered our plans. So we just cannot make it this year, but will definitely plan on next year.

Have a wonderful Sail to Alaska – we hope to run into some of your boats as they return later in the summer. We will be up there somewhere!

Again, thank you, and have a wonderful sail this summer.

Peggy Zehnder

— Peggy Zehnder

Hi Jeff,

We just returned yesterday from Marion and I wanted to “thank you” for setting everything in motion.

Please pass along our gratitude to Catherine Guiader for connecting us up with the factory group and sending the surprise swag (all to be put to good use in April); and to the Line Supervisor Bobby who took out time to answer questions and introduce us to ‘Our boat!’ Hull #4; and especially to Don Ruedinger who took 2 hours out of his day to take us through the whole process and put up with all our questions.

The 349s were strongly represented with 5 hulls in full on assembly (post lay-up), ours being #4 so we got to see five stages in the production process. #1 was complete and in the water tank, #2 was being finished and closer to what I am familiar with from the boat show (the stereo sounded great), but the real interest for me were hull #3, #4, and #5. I only took pictures of our boat so I have to recall from memory #5 was an open hull just getting wiring, plumbing and some systems. On hull #4, our boat, we could board and take photos. Bulkheads, cabinetry, berths, the galley, sink, stove, navigation station, and head where installed. It was still deckless so you could see a lot that would get covered with the deck/liner like the Webasco and the auto-pilot. #3 was another couple of days down the line and had its deck. We also got to see our deck/liner in the process of having its deck hardware, ports, windlass, and mast head wiring harness being installed.

One startling impression was seeing the difference in volume when looking at an empty hull, and just how large the larger hulls are.

Another thing that impressed me was the incredible quality control. It was a part of every stage of the build and the inspectors were tagging things that could likely be missed by the eye. The net impression was that I was thankful that we bought a Jeanneau.

I think the timing was about perfect, and am so glad to have the memories.

Thanks again,

Erik Muller and Susan Trapnell

— Erik Muller and Susan Trapnell

“Dear Jim,

We wanted to start the New Year by telling you about our observations and feeling regarding our vessel “serenity’s” hull extension that is nearing completion in your Anacortes facility.

We did considerable research looking for a quality fiberglass boat builder/repair shop before selecting your firm. Your company had been referred to us by several people as a reliable and very high quality facility. I made several visits to your Anacortes facilities, I met with your project estimator Jeramy and your fiberglass production lead Wes to work on the scope of work and details of the hull extension.

We found Jeramy and Wes to be very good at suggesting ways to work with the scope of work and drawings to identify construction practices and techniques to keep the project within budget parameters. Our hull extension is a fairly complex project and working with your team we became confident your company was the right choice for the project.

From the day we brought the boat to you in Anacortes we knew we made the correct decision. We have been impressed with the entire project. The construction materials, quality and attention to detail to match the existing Carver contours and lines to look original has exceeded our expectations.

Through this process I have gotten to know Paul, Laurie, Lowry and Tom who work in parts and purchasing, Wes and his fabrication crew and Jeramy in the project management. Without exception all have been very helpful, friendly and every one works as a team. They have made us feel as part of the Marine Servicenter family.


Richard & Carole Erwin”

— Richard & Carole Erwin

Great boat yard

As an afterthought, I have to acknowledge the great service given us by our boat yard. I had the boat hauled, washed and bottom painted by the Anacortes Marine Service Center. Their crew was polite, friendly, and exceptionally easy to work with. While they were doing the washing and painting, I was doing the interior and valve replacement work, The crew offered invaluable tools, advice, and experience while accommodating all of my needs. If I asked a question or for them to take a look at something, they did so without extra charge. The yard was open to me both before and after normal business hours, allowing me to get the work done that I needed to do. This is not a “Self-Service” yard as such, but they will let you do your work so long as it doesn’t infringe on EPA and Shoreline Protection regulations.

I would highly recommend Anacortes Marine Service Center. I am small potatoes compared to a lot of what they handle but they treated me as well or better than their Million Dollar customers. Thanks Guys!

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— Ken Schmidt
  • As a project manager of Marine Servicenter service department, I have the distinct pleasure of piloting many craft that come thru our doors, but one in particular has stood out over the last year and that craft is the Jeannueau 409. This boat has impeccable handling and elegance as well as massive power under sail. It is very rare that you find so many great qualities in a boat this size for such a reasonable package price.

    — Project Manager Marine Servicenter Anacortes