Joe Halstead bought his Nauticat 33 from Tim Jorgeson in our Seattle Location. He kept her at Elliot bay over the Winter for some upgrades and a weather window to sail south to San Diego in the Spring.

Greetings from Annapolis, Tim ~

Yes, since buying (former AlleyCat) now Indecision in November ’16 she has now nearly circumnavigated the USA (with a tad bit of trucking from San Diego to the Gulf). We’ll be North to Cape Cod in a month.

We have seen many N-33’s in out travels but all are the shoal draft short rig plan. Lots of envy from others as we really do sail.

Joe & Cathy Halsted

At Sea






Leaving the Canal Boat Yard in Seattle









Somewhere on the East Coast









Here’s INDECISION under full sail. Properly rigged these N-33’s sail quite nicely.