The Toland kids, who I have known since they were young children and who grew up sailing and racing at Seattle Yacht Club, talked their parents into taking the families brand new 410 Performance out for a 4 day cruise with 2 of their best friends they grew up sailing and skiing with in what was an epic weather weekend here in the Pacific NW.  4 college kids/ recent grads that are really good sailors who looked at the COVID-19 crisis as an opportunity to be together 1 last time before the grads head to new jobs in California and Washington DC at the end of May – life may never be the same again.

I received the below text message from Marv Toland (father to Talia & Jack Toland – On Friday Morning:

“Amazing! Kids are doing 8.5 knots closed hauled in 12 knots, speed over water.  That’s impressive for a boat under 12 meters (Europe) and under 40 by USCG rules.  Really incredible design sweet spot for a cruiser.  And that’s with 1500 pounds of water and diesel AND towing a dinghy!”

Within 10 min of Marv sending me this text a client of mine sent me a text with a short video from his waterfront house in Edmonds asking if the boat in the video was a Jeanneau 410 – name on boat is “Stratos”.  Client on land was impressed as well!

Later that Day Marv called me and said the wind had dropped to 6 kts true and the kids were making 5 kts of speed thru the water close hauled.

All of this was after our shake down sail in Anacortes a few weeks ago where it was blowing 23 kts gusting to 30 kts and we were making high eights to weather with full power in the performance sail plan.  Never once did the boat round up or the helm load up.  In fact, Jack Toland was at the helm when a monster gust came in at 30 kts and I told him to let go of the helm and see what happens.  Boat continued to sail upwind like nothing had phased it completely in balance and trucking in the high 8’s to weather.  We were pushing the boat hard and the boat wanted even more in that big blow.

I knew the 410 was a great boat and that was after sailing furling mast and classic mast models.  I was blown away by the standard rig 410’s but I am simply in awe of the 410 Performance with the sailing performance and stability in all ranges of wind.

-Dan Krier