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Welcome to Sail Alaska!

Sail Alaska is a 2,500 mile, 12-week cruising educational program for boaters of all levels of experience with both sail and power. The trip is designed to give captain and crew a taste of long-distance cruising and the basics of self-sufficiency in a very real environment, surrounded by like-minded people to share with and learn from.

Sail Alaska attendees benefit from the guidance of Jim Rard, owner of Marine Servicenter, located in Anacortes and Seattle, Washington. Rard brings humor, charm, 50 years and hundreds of thousands of miles of boating experience. Working alongside mechanics and electricians from the boat yard, participants acquire hands- on experience on boat systems and preparation, but most importantly….what to do if things don’t go as planned.

Each night, there will be a briefing on what to expect the next day with time for discussion and questions. Attendees of “Sail Alaska,” also receive instruction on navigating the extreme tides, strong currents, and other challenges presented by Alaska’s coastal waters, as well as how to use currents and back eddies to make the cruise easier and safer. Of course, among all the learning there will be plenty of time to relax, go hiking, kayaking, fishing and experience spectacular Alaska! Friendships will be made and many stories shared around the campfire.

At the end of the tour, boaters will know where and how to anchor, how to decide what time of day passages should be avoided or traversed, and lessons not offered by the average boating course (how to avoid grizzly bears, build a pizza oven out of shore rock, and the basics of catching and smoking salmon). They will also have a great story to tell about their trip of a lifetime from Anacortes to Alaska and back!

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2019 Sail Alaska Update: 8/7/2019 | The Fleet sailing across Clarence Strait.

The 2019 Sail Alaska Fleet is in Petersburg, Alaska! It's time for some provisioning, laundry, and site seeing around Petersburg.

2019 Sail Alaska Update: 7/22/2019

The 2019 Sail Alaska fleet is leaving Craig, AK today and heading out to go fishing for salmon. The fleet's goal for today is to catch salmon for  smoking at Devil Fish Bay tonight and hopefully tomorrow. Thanks to Mike & Linda for the beautiful pictures to add to this update! We even have a picture of Jim & Mark! 

2019 Sail Alaska -Update: 7/2/2019

2019 Sail Alaska -Update 7-2-2019 The 2019 Sail Alaska Fleet spent sometime exploring in  -Pruth Bay along Calvert Island | June 30th. Jim Rard has communicated that they are a day ahead of schedule. The fleet is currently along Nalau Island, according to Marine Traffic. Their plans are to spend the 4th of July at Shearwater Resort & Marina. Want to know more about Shearwater Resort & Marina? Click Here

Jim Rard’s Seminar Schedule for the 2019 Seattle Boat Show

                Seminar Schedule Have you been waiting to hear when Jim Rard's seminars will be at the 2019 Seattle Boat Show? Time Title Presenter Stage   Tuesday, January 29th 2:00 PM Safety in Numbers: The Value of Group Cruising Joe Cline, Jim Rard & Chuck Skewes Stage #2 North Hall   5:00 PM Getting the Most Out of Your Alaska Adventure Jim Rard Stage #2 North Hall   Tuesday, January 29th, 5:00 PMTips on what to bring, places to visit, provisioning the boat, how to deal with 20 foot tides, where the [...]

That’s a Wrap on 2018 Sail Alaska

2018 SAIL ALASKA   2018 Sail Alaska has come to an end, as all boats in the fleet, are in their home anchorage or on their next adventure. We had a great group this year! Thank you to all the participants and thank you for the camping chairs for potlucks! They’re already getting put to use! Now on to planning 2019 Sail Alaska! Want to Learn More About Sail Alaska? Stay tuned for photos and videos -coming soon!

07/11/2018 Update: 2018 Sail Alaska

Update from Jim Rard 2018 Sail Alaska Wednesday Morning -07/11/2018: The 2018 Fleet spent the night on Dundas Island. They've been catching fish and kayaked in the lagoon at Kumealon Inlet as well as played in the waterfall. They left Dundas Island at 6:00am.  They are currently crossing Dickson Entrance and have arrived in Alaska. All who have sails, are sailing as the wind is westerly at 10 knots. The weather is in the high 50s to low 60s with low clouds.  The Fleet is expected to arrive in Ketchikan around 4:30pm tonight. Cell service should be good there.

07/10/2018 Update: 2018 Sail Alaska

Update from Jim Rard 2018 Sail Alaska Tuesday Morning -07/10/2018: The fleet is coming up on Prince Rupert! Jim says the fleet has had to do a fair amount of motoring and not much sailing as the winds have not been in their favor recently. Everyone is having a great time! Some of the wildlife they've seen in recent days are eagles and whales. The bears aren't yet out in mass on the beaches, as the main salmon runs are a little late coming in this year. As soon as the main salmon runs hit, the bears will start coming [...]