Magical day on a new Lagoon 46 delivery with the owner…

It is not every day you hand over a new Lagoon 46 Catamaran to a happy new owner in the Pacific Northwest so that in itself is a pretty special day.

As we sailed south on Puget Sound from Port Townsend to Bainbridge Island it was an epic PNW summer day with crystal clear skies and a northwest wind that built during the day.

Sailing south with a red painted Code 0 sail and square top main we were making 8 knots as we gybed our way down the Sound. The Olympic Mountains were jumping out at us with amazing purple hew and unique shadows as we passed Hood Canal.

After sailing downwind for most of the afternoon, as we approached the Emerald City we rolled up the Code 0 and unrolled the self-tacking headsail.
We headed upwind at the north side of Elliot Bay and found ourselves sailing 8.3 knots at a 40-degree apparent wind angle in 20 kts apparent wind speed.

The owner was blown away at how quickly the Lagoon 46 moved upwind and the tight tacking angles. With the owner at the helm, he popped off 3 effortless tacks solo by simply turning the wheel and letting the big square-top main and self-tacking jib do the work. Amazingly easy, quick, and simple to handle this big cruising Cat!

The real treat was at the end of the day as we reached across the Sound to Bainbridge Is. where this Lagoon 46 is moored. As we sailed at 8+ kts across the sound we happened upon a pod of Orca whales that were feeding and playing in 400+ feet of water with on other boats around them. Trying our best to stay 400 yards in front or behind and 300 yards aside of these massive creatures was nearly impossible as they started to follow us and play in our wake. Given we were under sail we opted not to turn the engines on and continue on our way, as we did the pod followed us and continued to play and feed around us. We saw them bubble feeding, tail fluking, and sounding (diving deep) – males, females, and babies in all their glory on a glorious Northwest afternoon! Truly a magical moment of being in the right place at the right time.

Life on the water aboard a new Lagoon catamaran afforded us this unique moment. The more one is “out there” the more magical on water moments and memories are created.

 Life is too short to sit at the dock – call us today and let us help you to enjoy life on the water in a new Lagoon Catamaran.

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