Phase 2 Resuming Vessel Sales COVID-19 Requirements



  1. Customer contacts a vessel dealership by phone, e-mail or through their website, and a salesperson or manager working from home or inside the sales office responds and guides the customer through the vessel dealership’s website to review models, features, etc. Before setting up an appointment, salesperson will obtain customer’s name, email and phone number.
  2. Salesperson and customer will do as much paperwork as possible remotely and electronically.
  3. A dealership employee wearing a face covering and gloves will thoroughly sanitize all hard surfaces, keys and high touch areas before delivering vessel to customer. Vessels will be sanitized before and after showings by appointment only in the same manner.
  4. Customers must wear a mask when viewing a vessel with a salesperson. Customers will always use their own pen to sign any documents and maintain a proper min 6’ distance at all times.
  5. All customers will be asked to wash or sanitize their hands or wear gloves prior to entering a vessel in outdoor display, or on the water. Soap, water and disposable towels will be made available. If a customer uses dealership restrooms, the customer is required to wipe down all touchpoints with a sanitizing wipe that are provided in the restroom.
  6. No more than one person will be allowed in a boat at the same time, unless they occupy the same residence and/or the standards of social distancing can be followed. Rules apply to above and below deck.
  7. Where social distancing requirements can be followed, vessel orientations will happen with one customer and one dealership personnel; where they can’t be followed, video orientation will be implemented.
  8. Maintain minimum six-foot separation between staff and customers in all interactions at all times.
  9. A copy of this plan must be available at the vessel dealership and available for inspection by state and local authorities.
  10. Ensure frequent and adequate hand washing with adequate maintenance of supplies. Use disposable gloves where safe and applicable to prevent transmission on tools or other items that are shared.
  11. The vessel dealership may maintain a log of all employees and customers that it knows have interacted in person at the vehicle/vessel dealership or another location. The log can include contact information for each visitor. This is not required, but strongly suggested, for tracking purposes.

-Marine Servicenter